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Forensic Audio

We are here to help meet your audio forensic needs
lawfully and efficiently

Our Services

Audio Authentication

A verification process of the authenticity of an audio recording that may be presented as evidence in a court of law

Voice Identification

A process of comparison and matching of voices through which a known or unknown speaker can be identified

Audio Enhancement

This particular procedure can involve several processes resulting in a more distinguish audibly version of an audio recording

Other Services

This includes forensic audio preliminary examinations, frequency analysis and other services

Welcome to SAN Forensics.

My name is Sakis Anastopoulos, a dedicated and passionate professional with high attention to detail. With more than thirty years of experience in the professional audio industry, I am here to help meet your audio forensic needs, lawfully and efficiently.


Our Satisfied Clientele

“I was so grateful. Even with the fogginess, the clarity you achieved made it possible to understand the material.”

Pamela Williams
The Australian
Senior Writer, Investigative Journalist

“​I can’t thank you enough for your expert testimony and assistance with this matter.”

Erin Byrt
Papa Hughes Lawyers

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