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Law enforcement agencies, state and federal police, legal professionals, private investigators, banks, insurance companies, government departments, corporations and private individuals can benefit from our expertise in this area.

If you have an audio recording that needs examination and you aren’t sure what to do next , or simply because you want to read more about forensic audio services, please read the relevant sections below, or contact us for for a free consultation strategy.


A verification process of the authenticity of an audio recording that may be presented as evidence in a court of law


A process of comparison and matching of voices through which a known or unknown speaker can be identified


This particular procedure can involve several processes resulting in a more distinguish audibly version of an audio recording


Preliminary Examinationsoften a quick, preliminary examination of an audio recording is necessary to determine the likely cost and time required for a more detailed processing of a file

You have an audio recording and wish to pinpoint the specifics of certain elements.

This task usually involves the determination of technical qualities present in an audio sample. For example, identification of certain frequencies in audio samples, for scientific or personal purposes, such as the “hum” produced by power lines, identifying specific frequencies causing distress to PTSD sufferers, etc.

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