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Could the audio in a recording be of questionable integrity or have been edited, altered or tampered with?

Will the recording’s data be changed and how is the authentication analysis performed?

​If you believe that you have in your possession an audio recording from a questionable source SAN Forensics can help you verify its authenticity. ​

It is important to maintain the integrity of the recording, as this will be the first consideration legal professionals make to determine its admissibility. We always make a copy of the original file and we do not alter in any way the data present in the recording.

The chain of custody must be absolutely clear as this will determine the decision of authenticity and admissibility – eg. how did the recording come into your possession, on what type of device was the recording made, have others made edits to a recording prior to coming into your possession?

We carefully listen to the entire recording and document any apparent alterations or irregularities. If there are edits, splices, discontinuities, buzzes, tones or other elements, all are marked for further investigation and analysis audibly and spectrally.

​There are certain elements present in digital audio recordings that can be evaluated, compared and interpreted to verify the recording’s authenticity.

Analysing the metadata of the audio recording assists us in pinpointing key areas contained in it and identify traces left over if the recording was edited using different software.

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