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Prior to one or more of the above processes being undertaken, often a quick, preliminary examination of an audio recording is necessary to determine the likely cost and time required for a more detailed processing of a file. This will also provide an indication of the likelihood of achieving the required process, be it an enhancement, comparison, authentication, etc.

We require you to be as specific as possible with the segments that you need us to examine and the results that you are expecting to be obtained. Upon completion of a preliminary examination, we provide you with a written report as to what further costs may be involved, if any, and an estimation of the time that we require to deliver the results to you. We can provide you with a free sample of the results we can obtain so you can compare them to the original version. When permitted by the recording itself, we can provide you with a complete restoration or enhancement at no extra cost.

Please note that although we’ll go to extreme lengths and efforts to deliver the results that you wish we may not be able to do so if the recording or segments of it are very poorly recorded, badly damaged or impossible to distinguish in the case of voice comparison. Therefore the preliminary examination fee is for us to provide you with the correct advice for your case and not for an actual result as this is strictly dictated by the nature and quality of the recording.

If the results of the forensic audio examination are going to be presented in a court of law, please contact your legal counsel for advice on handling evidence and the proper delivery methods defined by the law of your country. Under no circumstance would we perform a service that is outside standard protocols and procedures of legal requirements.

You can deliver to us the audio files in electronic form via the server of your choice or via any online service such as Dropbox. Alternatively you can send it to us via registered mail.

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